Unlimited number of investors

You can have as many investors subscribed to your investment proposal as you wish. It won't affect the performance of the platform or your trading strategy.

Easy to subscribe a new investor

Investors subscribe to your investment proposals by themselves. In order to subscribe they follow a certain procedure:


Register in your platform using their e-mail.


Open a brokerage account with your prime broker or connect an existing one.


Choose the suitable investment proposal.


Set the amount of money to invest.


Set profit and loss limits.


Confirm the subscription by accepting the Account Management Agreement. The platform will automatically create an investment account and subscribe it to the chosen investment proposal.

All the asset manager's routine is automated

The FINEXFOLIO platform automatically calculates fees, generates reports and demonstrates the trading history.

The design of the platform enables investors to control their investments in an easy and comfortable way.

Investors don't need to log in to the trading terminal to manage their funds. Everything can be done within the platform: investors subscribe to or unsubscribe from investment proposals, create investment portfolios, change profit and loss limits, view trading reports and directly communicate with their asset manager in the online chat.

Get a demo platform

Have a look at the features of the platform in a demo environment.