Investment proposals based on your trading history

The platform creates investment proposals according to a single template. It’s designed to facilitate the decision-making process for your investors.

Key decision-making information for your investors

After you’ve uploaded your trading history, the platform will automatically calculate all the key figures that matter for investors and display them on the proposal.

The layout of the investment proposal is standardised, however you can customise certain parts like the description of your trading strategy or the pricing policy.

General Information & Performance
  • Overall performance, in the current month and today
  • Trading instruments
  • Recommended investment period
  • Risk level
Trading information
  • Performance chart
  • Number of trading days
  • Number of profitable and losing days
  • Average monthly profit
  • Average profit per month in %
  • Sharpe ratio and volatility
Trading criteria
  • Number of trading positions
  • Percentage of winning and losing positions
  • Average number of positions per week
  • Average position duration
  • Max series of profitable positions
  • Max series of winning days in a row and more
Investor warning & conditions
  • Max drawdown
  • Max days in drawdown
  • Recovery factor
  • Fee structure & trading conditions
  • Minimum investment amount
  • Type and amount of fees

Publish your investment proposal


Choose your business model.


Set the name of the proposal, the leverage and the sum on your trading account.


Upload your trading history. Standard MT4 and MT5 HTML-reports will suit.


Set fees, risk management rules and the allocation type.


Add description to your trading strategy. You can do it in several languages.


Review and publish your investment proposal.


Have a look at the features of the platform in a demo environment.